Who we are
Orama Technologies is a multi-platform development/publisher company created in 2006, incorporated in Gibraltar. We have merged our catalogue with the Coding Dreams development group, greatly increasing our offer in mobile and web software.

What we do
Our primary work areas are mobile and web content development/publishing. We produce both games and applications, either created by us or on request of a third party (outsourcing, branding, etc). In addition, we also produce other types of mobile content (such as wallpapers or themes), along with theme/location based websites (which maximize advertising benefits). Finally, our team can also perform translation/localization tasks, as well as consulting, in engineering (computer and aeronautical), accounting and economy.

How we work
Our work is entirely based in a virtual office model. Working from home, our staff enjoys a flexible schedule and confortable working conditions that greatly boost their productivity. This also enables us to hire someone based on how good they are, rather than on how far they live. It's also easier to plan work changes in dynamic/urgent projects.

Our company corporate website is located at http://www.oramatechnologies.com.