Energox LE (Light Edition)

The "Energy Blocks", when combined in the proper way, can release a tremendous amount of energy. This discovery had a dramatic effect on the world... there's no need for oil, plutonium or gas... the easy-to-make "Energy Blocks" provide an unlimited resource of energy. The only disadvantage of these blocks, nicknamed "Energox" by the power plants' workers, lies in the fact that their colour can't be controlled in the manufacturing process. Luckily for you, this also means that your fast reflexes were enough to get a job at the local power plant.
These blocks will be loaded in pairs into your device through the conveyor belt located on the left. You must drop'em on the stack below in order to create vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows of at least 4 blocks of the same colour. Those blocks will react and disappear, turning into energy. Your objective on each level will be to fill the energy meter located on the right.

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