You control the device located in the center of the screen. The objective is to match the device's colour with the blocks headed its way (for example, if there's a red block coming from your left, the left square of the device must be red).
To change the device's colour, use the arrow keys (left changes the left square's colour, right changes the right square's colour, up changes the top square's colour, down changes the bottom square's colour). The colours change in rotation (red to green to blue).
If you fail to match a block, it'll pile up on the device. To make it disappear, you have to wait until an equally coloured block shows up and then match it with the device.
You score 10 points for each single block you match. You receive extra points for making several piled up blocks of the same colour disappear (if they're in a row). You can also win bonuses for these combos. These depend on the amount of blocks you make disappear in one move and you can identify them by the device's center piece's colour. To activate them press 5 on the keypad or hit the space key. You can only have one bonus at a time. If you already have one and win another, the new one will replace the old one. Scroll down for bonus description.
In two players mode, player 1 controls the top and bottom squares with the up and down arrow keys, while player 2 controls the left and right squares with the z and c keys. Both players share the device's power (player 2 can activate it with the x key).
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Colour Name Points Required Description
Colour Slow 90 (3 blocks) Slows down currently incoming blocks
Colour Cleaner 315 (6 blocks) Cleans the largest pile (you don't receive any points for this)
Colour Wipeout 675 (9 blocks) Eliminates the blocks in all piles (you don't receive any points for this)