The classic Tic-Tac-Toe goes 3D and gains more than just another dimension as four players battle for control of the Cube. Strategy, planning and extreme caution are required if you wish to win!

Cube's objective is simple: make a line of three pieces of the same colour (it can be in the same plan or spread across all three of them). However, notice that you can't play two consecutive times in the same plan (unless that's the only one with available squares).

The plans where you can play will have your colour. You can select one of them by pressing the following keypad keys: 8 (top), 5 (middle) and 2 (bottom). If you wish to cancel your plan selection, press 0. After selecting the plan, you can use any of the keypad keys to select your position in the respective board (1 for the lower left, 2 for the bottom... all the way till 9 for the upper right). Pressing the ESC key will terminate the current game and load the initial menu.

The game ends when one player wins or when there are no more available squares (which causes a draw).

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