Congratulations, you've been hired to work with the brand new Energy Blocks (or, as we call'em, "Energox")! These blocks will be loaded in pairs into your device through the conveyor belt located on the left. You must drop'em on the stack below in order to create vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows of at least 4 blocks of the same colour. Those blocks will react and disappear, turning into energy. Your objective on each level will be to fill the energy meter located on the right.
You can move your device using the left (or keypad 4) and right (or keypad 6) keys. To drop a block, you must press the space bar (or keypad 5). If you have more than one block loaded into your device, you can switch their orders by shifting them up (up arrow or keypad 8). Pressing the down arrow (or keypad 2) will flip the first row of blocks on the device. Pressing Control will instantly load the next block into your device (or into the conveyor belt, if it's empty).
You can stack up to 4 blocks on your device. If a new block is loaded when you already have 4, the device will overload and you will lose the game.
Diagonal rows produce more energy than horizontal rows, which produce more energy than vertical rows.
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